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The best facial treatments before an important event.

When, on the eve of an important event, you suddenly start to look in panic for the necessary cleansing and moisturizing masks in your arsenal and understand that the result from the salon at home is not sufficiently satisfying, it's time to turn to the help of hardware cosmetology. Today I will talk about two amazing facial treatments that are becoming increasingly popular. The undoubted advantage of both is that you can immediately put on makeup and go to an important social event, a meeting, an interview for a dream job, a date, a vacation - who knows what occasion you need to look your best

Cryo> S 3.0 Facial: instant cold facelift

Cryo> S 3.0 - the number one device in France - is a revolutionary alternative to liposuction and skin tightening at the same time. It differs from the existing systems, which affect the skin by several parameters at once. The Cryo> S 3.0 is the result of careful research and development and combines several revolutionary innovations that make it the most effective device on the market. More recently, it has become available in the UK: more and more showrooms are signing contracts with Cryo Sculpture, with whom I met at the largest exhibition of the industry Professional Beauty. The results of the procedures are impressive: in just five sessions of 30 minutes each, you can achieve a loss of 38% of fat in the treated area!

Cryo> S 3.0 Facial is a procedure that instantly transforms your skin and tightens the face. "The Smart Apparatus develops a program that includes both lifting and massaging. The movements directed at the outside of the skin are treated with a cold plate, but this is a very comfortable cold, pleasant, relaxed and enjoyable treatment. I never once had the feeling that I was about to get my cheek together, which I confess I was expecting. I remembered how my mother taught me to wash my face with ice cubes in the morning. Although the effect of such a simple method is excellent, unlike my mother, I can only use it in warm seasons or when I need to wake up quickly, freshen up, remove swelling, close my pores... So if you compare 30 minutes of cold Cryo> S 3.0 Facial treatment and 2-3 minutes of ice cubes' exposure to ice, the latter freezes my skin much more, causing more discomfort.

What good is the Cryo> S 3.0 Facial in addition to the obvious lymph drainage and swelling? When the cold penetrates through the skin, the facial muscles contract, the skin tones and tightens and becomes more elastic. Oxygen supply is increased, collagen production is stimulated.

The cosmetologist first treats only one side of the face - and shows you the result, which I confess is shocking: the difference between the left and right sides of the face is immediately noticeable. After the procedure, a gentle facial massage is performed, the serum and cream are applied. The skin shines with health and beauty. This is a real find for those who are going to an important event and want to look their best. After such a tightening contouring you will definitely not need it.

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