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CryoSlimming uses low temperatures to destroy fat cells (fat freezing). The difference between CryoSkin CryoSlimming treatments and other fat freezing devices is the safety and effectiveness of the treatment. The treatment uses no suction cups and is gentle to the skin. One session lasts for 30 minutes only and is very comfortable. There is no recovery time and you can do your next session after only 2 weeks, which is the time necessary for the body to eliminate the dead fat cells. There is an instant inch loss from the first session, but it is recommended to do 5 sessions to completely treat one body area. R&D tests have shown an average loss up to 4 inches in 5 sessions.




These treatments last for 30 minutes, and make use of cold temperatures to tone the skin and improve the local metabolism in the treated area. The production of collagen and elastin is stimulated for a tightening and smoothing effect on the skin. CryoToning treatments can be performed on any part of the body (cleavage, breast, arms, etc.) for a tightening effect on the skin, or to treat cellulite as the lymphatic drainage resulting from the treatments will help in eliminating cellulite dimpling.




Treatments use cold temperatures to rejuvenate and tighten the skin. The pumping effect of the blood system caused by the alternating of cold and warm increases the oxygen and nutrient supply to the cells, boosting the production of collagen and elastin. The skin is tightened immediately, wrinkles and fine lines are visibly reduced. The skin pores retract with the cold for a glowing effect. The face appears fresher and younger. A session takes 20 minutes and results are immediate. It is recommended to do one session every week for 5 weeks, and then 1 session per month for maintenance. This treatment plan will have a cumulative effect and help to maintain a higher production of collagen and elastin.


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"I have done 5 sessions on my abdomen and I have lost 7 cm. I’m ready for the beach!" - Martine (32)