Cryolipolysis (fat freezing) is the use of below-zero temperatures to eliminate the adipocytes (fat cells) located under the skin.

Over 70 scientific and clinical papers have been published by renowned doctors and researchers which demonstrate the effectiveness and safety of the procedure when applied correctly.

A revolutionary alternative to liposuction, safe and non-invasive



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The beauty therapist applies low temperatures to the treatment area, which cause the fat cells under the skin to die naturally. This phenomenon is called apoptosis.

The dead fat cells are then disposed of via the lymphatic system and normal body processes within 2 to 3 weeks. This elimination process is perfectly natural and harmless for the body. There is an immediate loss of centimetres at the end of the cryolipolysis session, but the final result will be achieved 2 to 3 weeks after when the elimination of waste will be complete. Once the fat cells are gone they will never return, although a healthy diet is recommended after the treatment to prevent the remaining fat cells from enlarging.


✔ A natural technique for eliminating fat

✔ Fat is gone for good

✔ Proven results



Cryolipolysis technology with suction of the skin was the initial technique invented in the USA 20 years ago. It consists of cups of various sizes that the beauty therapist will attach to the client’s body parts. It’s a hands-free technology. The beauty therapist will apply the cup and leave it for 50 minutes. The skin is sucked into the cup and the cold triggers the apoptosis phenomenon (death of the fat cells). At the end on the treatment, the beauty therapist will disconnect the cups, and massage the treatment zone. It is possible to do a cup treatment every 2 months (time necessary for the skin to recover).

With CRYO>S3, the cold temperature is transmitted via the handset which is passed over the treatment zone by the beauty therapist. This constant control by the beauty therapist, who manipulates the handset during the whole session ensures maximum safety for the client. The treatment is kinder and safer for the skin as there is no suction. This non-static procedure allows to reach very low temperatures, as low as -8°C , ensuring a major efficiency of the treatment. As a matter of fact one session lasts only 30 minutes. It is possible to do a treatment every 2 weeks (time necessary to evacuate the dead fat cells)

✔ A safe and painless procedure

✔ A lower temperature for more result

✔ A higher frequency of treatment


What is Cryotherapy?

Cryotherapy is the term used for medical and aesthetic treatments using cold temperatures. Cryotherapy includes cryolipolysis (fat cell destruction), but as well cryo chambers and cryo facials using nitrogen.